C05 Dear, Let’s Have Kids! by MandyMiko

Designed by MandyMiko, Aquila

Concept: Playful, hungry & aloof! Cute babies a couple can adopt and raise together.
Maple couples can start a digital family with baby (pets). Families can have a choice to adopt 3 boys and/or girls with varied personalities.
You would watch your baby grow till you are old, i.e. babies should be permanent, else it would be sad if they died…
Babies crawl with you on your journey, giving moral support to do better for the family, i.e. a male or female baby att & matt buff. Buffs can stack (up to 3), allowing couples to have adopt whoever they want.
Want 2 girls? 3 boys? Sure! Start your little family in Maple!

Pet 1: Playful Boy - Rolls his toy car as he crawls (walking) / sit (standing still)
Pet 1 Equip: Toy Car
Pet 2: Hungry Girl - Follows a dreamy bread (walking) / hugs a bread as she dreams about bread (standing still)
Pet 2 Equip: Dreamy Bread
Pet 3: Aloof Boy - Ignores a friendly little chicky while crawling (walking) / sitting (standing still)
Pet 3 Equip: Little Chicky