10 Creepy Lil' Things by MandyMiko

10 Creepy Lil' Things by MandyMiko

Designed by MandyMiko, Aquila

Concept: Creepy lil' things are ghouls of lost souls. They grow stronger with forces from the otherside, and uses Giant Skills. Attaching the Creepy Jr. enables you to obtain the Other Worldly Curse skill. The more Creepy Jr. you have, the stronger the skill gets. Hunting monsters withing level range will make the Creepy Lil' things bigger, & when it reaches a certain size it will automatically demonstration an other worldy mysterious buff.

Set Name: Creepy Lil' Things
Pet 1: Slimey Joe; A soul from the deepest parts of the swamp
Pet 1 Equip: Slimey Jr.
Pet 2: Giant Suzie; A soul from the dark alleys of the fight streets
Pet 2 Equip: Giant Jr.
Pet 3: Cyborg Mike; A soul from the waves of the digital realm
Pet 3 Equip: Cyborg Jr.