09 Battle Bots by MandyMiko

Designed by MandyMiko, Aquila

Concept: Battle Ange & Battle Angst are androids from the future, where they appeared in maple world to provide support for strong warriors. i.e. android shop, no exp loss at death, revival at current map with restored mana and health, & buff freezer. They are bots finished with pearl-like armor, that remain unscathe in battle. Like other androids, the two bots receive life from pearl hearts that shares its energy with the warriors (Can be scrolled for attack / magic attack points).

Set Name: Battle Bots
Battleroid (M): Battle Angst - (Rank 9) Takes on the form of a male warrior. His mask has a teardrop crack from previous battles, giving him the name Angst.
Battleroid (F): Battle Ange - (Rank 9) Takes on the form of a female warrior. She really likes her distinct pig tails.
Batteroid Heart: Pearl Heart - (Rank 5) Infinite source of power for Battle Bots